California Unemployment Insurance Benefits

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I am happy to provide you with a 30-minute, reasonably priced consultation over the phone to discuss your upcoming phone eligibility interview with the EDD. You can always call my office at 650.320.1616 to get started. However, to receive Priority attention and save on your initial consultation, do the following three simple things:

STEP 1: Scan both sides of your letter from the EDD advising you of the date and time of your phone eligibility interview. It is important that you also scan the back side of the letter. It has the questions that might be asked of you.

STEP 2: Send it to me as a pdf attachment to an email to If you cannot send it as a pdf, then take a clear picture of both sides and send it as a photo.

STEP 3: In your email to me provide me with your name, phone number and a few good times for me to contact you. I do same day consultations when I can. Tell me a little bit about your case, such as why your employer discharged you, why you quit your job, or any other problem you think may be the reason why the EDD is calling you.

GET READY: When I call you have a credit or debit card ready so that you can pay for the consultation. I charge $74 for a 30-minute consultation, but if you carefully follow these instructions I will reduce the charge to only $59, a nearly 20% savings.

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