California Unemployment Insurance Benefits

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Confused by that Form Letter You Received From the EDD?

The EDD uses numerous forms. Most of its communications with you will be by form or form letter. Unfortunately, these forms are not always clear or understandable, especially for someone not familiar with the legal process.

Each form has a number. The number of the form is printed in the bottom left-hand corner of the paper. If the form is more than one page, check all pages for the form number.

Below are some of the most commonly used forms by the EDD, which you may have encountered. If you have a question about something in a form you received, or you need to know how to read it, just click on the link below that matches your form number. The link will take you to a sample form where you can learn much more about the form you received and hopefully have your questions answered.


EDD Forms

  • DE 1080CZ
  • DE 429Z